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Quality control

The painstaking care and attention that the experts at “Valle del Grano” invest in analysing the hygienic, chemical and physical characteristics of the durum wheat semolina ensure high quality pasta, tested and monitored to ensure its compliance with health and hygiene standards.

From ears to granules

Our partnership with the experienced Sicilian mills approved by us ensures that the pasta plant only receives semolina of a high quality.

In the mills, the wheat is cleaned and the parts not used for the production of pasta are removed. Then it is milled to produce top quality semolina.

A blend of goodness

The durum wheat semolina produced during the milling process is then mixed with pure water, guaranteed by the strictest health checks that characterise the entire Valle del Grano production process. In this way, starch and protein form a mixture known as gluten, a mesh of protein that binds the hydrated starch granules. This is when the mixture takes on its characteristic appearance and, after the kneading phase it becomes even and elastic.

Quality takes shape

It is an essential phase that seals the shape and high quality of Valle del Grano pasta. The rough texture of the bronze die used for extrusion, in keeping with the most ancient tradition, leaves its mark on the pasta like a footprint, giving it the ideal texture for capturing sauces and never letting them go.

The most delicate moment

After extrusion, the weight of the mixture still contains 30% water. The product could not be easily stored in this condition. The process continues then with the drying phase.
This is the most delicate moment of the entire production cycle, in which the pasta is ventilated until its humidity content is reduced to maximum 12.5%.

The return to natural freshness

After the drying phase, we leave the pasta to rest and gain its natural structure and freshness.
It must therefore be cooled, and this is the last part of the productive cycle, which brings the product back to room temperature.

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